Buffalo born, Nicaraguan-trained & Rollin' up some of the best cigars around!

More than just a cigar roller, he is an American cigar lover who has
cultivated the rare art of crafting premium cigars and is passionate about sharing the art with others.

Where He's Rolled

After finding his place in the cigar world with Nice Ash Cigars & Lounge, there was a hunger to learn more, see more and do more.  Just exploring brands, blends, the history of premium tobacco and masterminds behind the most exquisite cigars around would not suffice.

Traveling to Honduras he learned first hand the journey from seed to cigar. From the farms and fields, to the barns and factories he saw the long and delicate process of creating a premium cigar.  After a brief hands-on introduction to the art of rolling a cigar from the famed Leo Peraza of La Gloria Cubana, he was determined to truly learn the art of cigar making.  Flying to Esteli, Nicaragua he was introduced to Evita who would become his mentor, guiding him through the masterful art.

Upon his return, he spared no time in continuing to practice and refine his skills to create exquisite hand rolled cigars.  Now, Gregorio is proud to be the only cigar roller in Buffalo and Western New York.  He is honored to have the ability to share the beautiful art of cigar rolling, as well as his wonderful cigars with fellow cigar enthusiasts.

about Gregorio:

From a passion for cigars, a thirst for adventure & skillful hands… GRegorio was born

  • Park Country Club
  • Oak Hill Country Club
  • Youngstown Yacht Club
  • Wanakah Country Club
  • East Aurora Country Club
  • Brookfield Country Club
  • Salvatore's Italian Gardens
  • Eric Wood Foundation Gala
  • Ellicotville Fall Festival
  • Weddings all across Western New York